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Welcome to our website.

Our company is the continuation of previous activity since 1989.

We offer high quality industrial raw materials and semi-products, their import and export, as well as technical consulting for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry.

Basic materials, which we sell:

1. Pig iron - including nodular pig iron for production of ductile iron;

2. Ferroalloys - FeSi, FeMn, FeP, FeCr, FeMo;

3. Nodulizers for iron - FeSiMg master alloys and cored wire nodulizers;

4. Inoculants for iron - FeSiBa, FeSiZr

Mn, FeSiSr for ladle and metal stream application;

5. Refractory materials for metallurgy

6. Natural graphites - for metallurgy as well as for chemical and electromechanical industries;

7. Functional riser systems for reliable castings - exothermic sleeves and risers.

8. Recarburizers and slag removals for metallurgy

9. Foundry machinery and equipment.

We supply wide range of above materials covering different applications and technologies.

We offer immediate deliveries from our warehouse and short deliverytimes in case of direct shipments to our customers. We have quality control system, shipments are accompanied with quality certificates.

We are approved suppliers of numerous well-known metallurgical and chemical plants and we have long reference list.

We offer top quality materials from renowned producers with whom we have long-term agreements.

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JAK Sp. z o.o.

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04-870 Warszawa

web: www.jakspzoo.pl

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